We advise you taking into account aspects such as height, light
and the distribution of your furniture to achieve the harmony you
are looking for.


Contact with MUHER

We know that it is difficult to get an idea of how a work will look in a space.
In addition, aspects such as the lighting of a piece, its height or its position with respect to the passage areas, are essential to achieve a successful and careful interior design.
That is why, as artists of the work, we want to accompany you to maximize the value of your acquisitions. And, for that:

- If you have acquired one of our works, we will help you to find the most suitable place for its exhibition by studying both the space you have available and the effect you wish to generate in the room.

- If you have any doubts about which artwork will fit best in your space, we will advise you on the type of artwork and format that best fits your wall or the space where you want to place it through a simulation.
In short, you will have a personalized advice in which we will merge all our knowledge as artists of the work and as architects and interior designers.

Paraje Majadilla-Huerto las Palmeras
30850 Totana


968 42 46 82



Enhance the beauty of your work,
increase the harmony between your piece and the room that hosts it.

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